Selena's favorite things and hobbies

Favorite color: purple and black

Favorite food: thin-crust pizza with double pepperoni

Other foods she loved to eat: burgers, tacos, tortillas, arroz con pollo (chicken with rice). In general, she liked Italian and Mexican food. 

Favorite fast food places: Pizza Hut, WhatABurger, Jack in the Box 

Favorite restaurants: Hi-Ho Restaurant and Olive Garden, both in Corpus Christi, TX . Also, she loved Mi Tierra Restaurant in San Antonio, TX. 

Favorite drink: Coca Cola

Favorite lipstick color: Chanel Brick Lipstick

Favorite make up brand: MAC

Favorite flowers: long stemmed white roses 

Favorite hobbies: designing clothes and making arrangements to clothes such as putting rhinestones 
on bustiers, caps, and belts.

Cars she owned: charcoal gray BMW M3 (stolen), red Porsche (currently displayed on the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas)

Pets she owned: Selena brought home five dogs. Chris always wanted a pet snake and that is why they got a Python. 

Collections: she collected Fabergé egss and displayed them on a cabinet in her living room.

Hairstyles: She did her hairstyles by herself most of time. Some hairstyles include : hair down, low bun, curly up-do, half up half down with curly hair, big up-do.

Hair: Selena had black hair which was sometimes frizzy. She took pills because she believed they were good for it.

Eyes: Selena had dark brown eyes which were a bit slanted. She was a fan of false lashes and liked to wear eye shadows in earth tones.

Lips: Selena had full lips. She loved to apply red shades of lipsticks, which made her teeth look whiter and enhanced her big and beautiful smile. Other colors she wore included brownish lip colors and lip glosses.

Nails: She liked to have long pointy nails, sometimes false nails. She usually used red and white nail polish colors.

Make up Brand: MAC Selena. Released in October 2016. The make up colors were inspired by Selena's own makeup kit. Her sister Suzette went though all the colors that Selena had in her make up kit so that she could carefully base the MAC make up on the  colors that Selena used.

Clothing line: Selena Etc. (discontinued)

Boutique: Two Selena Etc boutiques. One in Corpus Christi (opened in January 1994) and a bigger one in San Antonio opened in October 1994. Both boutiques were closed in 2009. 

Nicknames: preciosa, buffy, la reina, La Reina Del Tex-Mex/ de la Música Tejana, The Queen of Tex-Mex/Tejano Music, The Mexican Madonna.

Meaning of the Selena name: moon

Second Last Name:  Zamora

Maiden Name: Pérez

TV appearances/ performances: Johnny Canales Show, Furia Musical, Padrísimo, Puro Tejano, Sábado Gigante, Noche de Carnaval, Cristina Show, 

Theater performances: Mariachi singer on the 1995 movie Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp and Marlom Brando. She appeared singing during a restaurant scene.

Telenovela performance: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (1993)

Places she traveled to: New York, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica, many cities in Texas, etc.

Risks she took: eloping with Chris Perez even though her father was against it, recording +20 English songs during her career, deciding to record a pop contemporary album only in English, starting her own business which consisted of two boutiques with beauty supplies, hair and nail services, and her own clothing line designed by her and designer Martin Gomez.

Dreams: having 5 children, having her own boutique, becoming a clothes designer, having her own farm with horses and other  farm animals, becoming an international crossover artist

Personality: She was always laughing and joking around. She was very charismatic and always accepted challenges and dares. Howeve, she was also stubborn. Once she made up her mind, it was very difficult to change it.

Selena's Dreams

Selena revealed her dreams in many interviews. She talked about them so passionately and so sure that she would accomplish them. She got to fulfill some of them but, unfortunately, she died before seeing others become true. She worked very hard during many years in order to make her dreams come true.

One of the dreams that Selena had since she was a little girl was becoming a fashion designer and having her own boutique.Since a young age, her favorite hobby was drawing sketches of outfits. She later started designing all the outfits for her and the other members of her band and putting rhinestones on her bustiers, caps, and belts. She did get to make this dream come true. In January 1994, she opened the boutique "Selena Etc" in Corpus Christi, Texas. Then, in October that year, a bigger boutique was opened in San Antonio, Texas.

There are some videos of Selena in the boutique (see below the article) showing her beauty supplies and even helping her mother to try a bracelet on. She also showed the hair sectiom where hairdresses did the hair of clients. The shampooing station had a little table on top of it, thus serving also the purpose  of doing the hair. She also planned to expand her business in México. She was in the negotiation process of opening a new boutique in Monterrey in 1995. She even traveled with her business partner, and soon-to-be-killer, to Mexico for the deal.

Another dream she got to fulfill was marrying the love of her live Chris Perez. They eloped on April 2nd, 1992 since her father did not approve their relationship. However, Selena admitted that since she was a little girl she wanted to have a dream wedding with a white dress, maids, her whole family, and a celebration. Since a celebration was not possible for their wedding, she and Chris talked about renewing their vows for their fifth wedding anniversary which would have been on on April 2nd, 1997. Selena was really excited and started to plan everything out. She bought a wedding dress, cut pictures of floral arrangements, and ordered a wedding registry with their names on it and the date of their marriage.

She also dreamed of having her own farm with horses and, according to her, every type of animal that belonged to a farm. She told Chris she wanted to have the entire livestock and 5 children. They bought a 10 acre land just for her, her husband, and future kids. Sometime before she was killed she told Chris, while they both stared at their future home, to imagine their future lives playing with their kids.

Selena always dreamed of becoming an international super star in the English language market, which is what she fought for during her whole career. Her father told her to start singing in Spanish to build a fan base which will later facilitate the start of a English language career. She started to work for those dreams very excited about her future. Unfortunately, Selena didnt get to fulfill them.

Selena was very excited. The year 1995 was going to be a very special year for her. She was going to release her perfume, complete the English album,  perform a crossover tour around the world, start with plans of having a family, open a boutique in Mexico, have her house ready on her property, buy livestock and many horses for her farm. Probably, when the year started Selena thought that 1995 would be one of the best years of her life. In many interviews, she explains very excited all the plans she had for that year and even mentions the months that her works might have been released.

Unfortunately, she only got to see the first three months of that year that was going to be so amazing for her. When Yolanda shot her in the back, Selena probably thought she had chances to survive or not. The amount of fear and worry she felt must have been owverwelming. She ran to the lobby and asked the staff to lock the door or they would shoot her again.However, the bullet went thought a major artery. Doctors say that if the bullet had penetrated with a very small difference of milimeters, she could have survived.

Some Selena´s dreams were fulfilled after her death. The sad part is that she never saw them be fulfilled. It is sad to watch videos of her talking very excited about the future while we know that she wouldn't realize some of her dreams. Even though her album was released, she never had the chance to become a household name and international super star,  and performing a crossover tour.

There was a rumor for a very long time claiming that Selena's father stopped the doctors from giving her a blood transfusion and that she died for this reason. However, it has been proven that doctors have claimed that Selenas father never asked them to stop and , had he done that, they would have continued giving her blood transfusions.

Selena lived a short life, but full of adventures, acomplishments, and love. She became a legend for the Latin American population and a Mexican American icon. She has inspired her fans to become more loving, grateful, express their feelings, and live life to the fullest. Like Chris, we are all still dreaming of Selena.

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