Selena's Achievements and Success

Even though Selena's life was cut short, she became successful at a very young age, broke records, won many awards, and fulfilled some dreams.

Fun moments:

She drove the kids of her neighborhood in a go kart.
She often laughed while recording for the TV;
Once she couldn't stop laughing along with TV presenter
in a November 1994 interview every time they tried to start recording.
Same happened when Selena y Los Dinos tried to record an introduction video for Onda Max,
Once, Selena tried to start an ad in spanish and she said "No se lo piedran"
then realized she had said rock in Spanish instead of saying Don't Miss It.
She said "diecicuatro" instead of "catorce" on the Cristina Show in May 1994.
She played the drums behind the scenes of the Padrísimo Show on March 8, 1995
Many times, she joked around with Rock N Roll James from Puro Tejano.
She also loved to play around behind the scenes of her videos.
She used to play charity softball games with family and friends.
Selena and Chris used to walk  with Chris on the Corpus Christi Bay.
Buying Chris a truck by surprise on their first anniversary.
She went for motorcycles rides with Chris and by herself.
She filled the inside of Oreos with toothpaste.
Once, she got stuck in window of her bus.
When she was younger, she and some friends chewed some gummy bears
and spat them on the hairs of friends.
She once painted a Coke can and made a friend imitate her
by moving the can in all directions, thus getting the friend all painted.

Sad/bad moments:

When her father found out she was dating Chris and, consequently, fired him.
He also threatened with destroying the band if she kept seeing him.
Selena cried a lot afterwards.

She had many problems with her father because he was very protective.
One day, she was fed up and decided to start seeing houses so that she and
Chris could move as soon as possible.
However, she soon dropped the idea probably because of the amount of work
it would take them to move once again.
She cried a lot one day and couldn't even talk when she argued
with her father in the kitchen of her house.
Selena and Chris once argued when they got to their house because
they were too tired of all the traveling and concerts and became moody.

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Why Selena is so loved

Selena amazed people. Not only could she sing, dance, compose, design, multitask, and be a successful artist, businesswoman, daughter and wife.
However, there was something else that caught people's attention. Her warm and charming personality made people feel welcome , accepted, happy and excited.She stayed humble thought out her life even though she became a successful celebrity. She remained down to earth till her death. She was friends with her neighbors,  cleaned, cooked, and took care of house commitments like most people who are not celebrities do.
Her fans became very identified with her since she continued living a normal live and never acted as a arrogant know-it-all diva. She was extremely humble. Being humble is a trait that is very valued. Most people like to be with someone who is humble rather with someone who is arrogant. Moreover, being humble is a trait that is very hard to find in people and it is even harder to find in artists and other famous people.

Also, her outfits, her style, her appeal made her an style icon. She had loved fashion since she was a little girl, designed outfits, and always improved her bras, belts, and caps with rhinestones. She had a unique style and used bustiers without degrading herself. Onstage, she was sexy but at the same time modest and no trashy at all and people could see and admire that.

Finally, Selena was also loved because she loved life and lived it to the fullest and inspired people to do so. She ate fast food with no regrets, she accepted challenges and dares, she even bungee jumped!! she laughed all the time, she dared to do many things, she spent time with her family and friends, she did her best when performing and recording, she cried hard, she laughed hard. 
That enthusiams to live, that energy she transmittef, the good mood she had, that big smile and beaitiful laugh, that "something" that attrats people, and much more are the things that made Selena someone who was very loved by her family, friends, fans and people who just met her. 

Selena, her love for food, and weight

Selena had a body that many girls wanted to have. She had curves, a small waist, and was overall in a good shape. She was repeatedly asked what her diet and exercises secrets were and what she did to have a great body.

She would always reply with "Nothing, I don't do anything" or "Nada, yo no hago nada" in Spanish.

And it was true. Her husband confirmed on his book that Selena didn't like the gym and that she wasn't definitely one of those women who exercise all the time
She even said in a interview that she could never see herself exercising everyday!!
It was surprising to most people that she could be that fit by eating lots of fast food and never exercising.
However, Selena would say that was always dancing for concerts and practicing dance steps and admitted that dancing helped her to keep that slim figure. She had a pear-shaped body, with a very small waist and a big booty. Jennifer López, who played Selena in the 1997 movie Selena, has a very similar body shape which made her look even more like Selena for the movie role.

Selena ate what she liked and was never on a diet. She was a very big fan of junk food. She truly enjoyed it and didn't feel bad after eating it. Her favorite food was thin crust pizza with double pepperoni.She would always joke that she could eat a whole medium pizza by herself. She also liked tacos and burgers as well as Coca Cola, brand she collaborated with as a spokesperson. She liked the fast food places Pizza Hut, Whataburguer or Jack in the box. Her favorite restaurants were Olive Garden and Hi-Ho Restaurant, both in Corpus Christi, TX and Mi Tierra Restaurant in San Antonio, TX.

Selena was asked about her cooking abilities. (see first video below)

- Sabes cocinar? (Do you know how to cook?)

- Claro que si! mariscos, arroz con pollo que se sirve con fijolitos refritos...tambien hago tortillas pero no se como hacerlas ponen muy duras (Of course! Seafood, chicken with rice served with fried frijoles. I also do tortillas but I still dont know how to make them good...they become hard)

There is also a video of her and Carlos Ponce making French toasts in 1994 (see second video below). Carlos asked Selena several questions while they were cooking. The video was filmed for the TV show Control Show in 1994.

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Selena: an incredible and exceptional human being - Her personality and values

Most people say that Selena was a very charismatic person both onstage and offstage. They become embezzled and impressed when they watch her performances and other videos. Selena always made people feel very comfortable from the fist moment they met her. She complimented them about anything such as their clothing or even their nail polish color. She valued people and all the personal relationships she had and loved giving surprises and sharing her stuff. 

Selena's father has said many times that she was full of life. She was always laughing and joking around, enjoyed the little things in life and appreciated everything she had.  She consider her family to be the most important thing in her life and was very close to all of them.She also spoiled her friends and always wanted them to look good. She went shopping with them, bought them clothes an invited them to go with her to boutiques to get their nails or hair done. However, Selena trusted people too much and thought everyone was nice and good. Unfortunately, the immense trust she put into who she once considered  her best friend led her to an early and senseless death. 

Selena considered herself an old-fashioned lady because of her upbringing and the values that he parents taught her. Her visions on abortion and waiting till marriage are reflected in some interviews. When people told her that she was very provocative and sexy onstage, she would reply that she had two personalities: one onstage and one offstage. Actually, her onstage outfits were sexy but never trashy.  Selena like to wear bustiers, leggings, vests, caps, and boots. She did most of her hairstyles by herself such as the one for the 1993 Tejano Music Awards. She was always designing clothes and sketching new outfits during her free time. When people asked her what she liked to do during her free time she would reply that was she was always working because she was the type of person who always has to do something.

Even thought Selena had too many positive traits, she also had some negative traits that her husband, Chris Perez, shared on his book To Selena with Love. He stated that Selena was actually a very stubborn person. Once she made up her mind it was very difficult to change it. With time, he got used to dealing with this issue and learned how to handle most situations. Christ also said that Selena loved challenges and always wanted to win to prove to herself that she could do it. On a trip to Vegas, Selena did not stop playing some game until she won. She also always accepted challenges and dares. Once she accepted to go bungee jumping, which later left her with a terrible backache.

Moreover, Chris also declared that Selena loved, laughed, and cried with too much passion and emotion. She loved as much as she could, tried to help out, and made people feel good and welcome. Selena has become an inspiration for many people to to appreciate the little things, to take risks, to be a good person, to value everything we have, and, most importantly, to appreciate and enjoy life. 

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Selena was a Jehovah's witness so she didn't celebrate Christmas nor birthdays. 
Her husband and his family were catholic so they did celebrate Christmas and birthdays. 
The first Christmas that Selena spent with Chris' family was very special. According to Chris, she looked like a little girl all excited about opening Christmas presents. 

For their first anniversary, Selena's parents arranged a party at their house. Selena surprised Chris with a blue truck that they had seen and driven a couple weeks before. She had done all the paperwork by herself to surprise her husband. For their second anniversary, Chris surprised Selena with a trip to Jamaica. 
Yolanda Saldivar, her assistant, friend, and unexpected killer, used to arrange annual parties for the band as well.

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If Selena had lived..

Selena achieved in almost 24 years what many people took many more decades to accomplish. This statement has been repeated many times by different news outlets and folks. Many also affirm that, had she lived, she would have accomplished many more amazing things and become a huge crossover artists. Keith Thomas, producer of the song I Could Fall in Love, has said in several interviews that he is sure that Selena would have been a major international super star. Even actress Eva Longoria said to George L;opez on the 15th anniversary of her death that Selena was an amazing woman and that "she would have been bigger than all of us".

It is bittersweet to think that Selena was an artist that could have given much more but whose life was cut shot a very young age. She had it all: charisma, voice, dancing skills, looks, style, a great personality, and the ability to draw people's attention. Most have said that she had "that thing" that attracts you but you cannot explain what it is. 

Many fans affirm to be fans not just because of her music, but also from her essence as a person. When people watch her videos and performances for the first time, they become trapped by her laugh, charm, and charisma. Some have even become fans by watching her videos even though they had heard her music before. 

Why Selena? Why so soon? 

She was about to break barriers, to become a household name, to become a major crossover international super star, to become the first Latin artist to top the charts worldwide. to become well known in  places such as Asia and Europe, to become a mother, to have her own farm and livestock, to release her perfume, to complete he first English language album, to open her first boutique in Mexico, to tour around the word....

It is sad to think about what could have been....

Some have mixed feelings or even feel sad when they look up the word "Selena" on search engines and most are images and results of Selena Gomez. If she were here, she would still top the search results. 

Others visualize Selena when they see all the achievements, albums, hits, movies, awards, and presentations of Jennifer Lopez as an singer, actress, presenter, and even designer with her own clothing line whereas Selena's own line has been discontinued. 

It is unfair to say, like that meme on the web, that if Selena was alive JLo would be working at a fast food place. Actually, JLo was already an actress before Selena and she had been a protagonist in several roles such as Anaconda. She would have succeeded sooner or later. 

It is true that Selena would have also accomplished all of the JLos achievements and  maybe even more. The sad part is that we will never see them. We can only imagine them. 

The feelings of impotence that Selena fans feel cannot be explained.

"What ifs" are painful and even more when we know that thee is nothing that cannot be done about it.

Many people around the world lost out on meeting and becoming a fan of this unique artist. 
Selena is mostly known in the USA, overall Texas, Mexico, and Central and South America. However, most people in other countries do not know who she is or have only watched the movie about her life. Others recognize her top hits Como La Flor, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and Dreaming of You but later state that they had heard those songs but didn't know who sang them.

Had she lived...they wouldn't be saying those things..

They would probably say that they love her dancing steps, that she has a great voice, that she has many hits in English, that she is a role model to them, that they love her style and outfits, that her charisma trapped them and amazed them......

The story would be different....

Fans also lost out..they would have seen her for the first or nth time in concert, they would have met her in person , they could have gotten one or more autographs, they could have taken pictures with her, they could have listened to many new songs in English and Spanish, they could have seen her blossoming into a huge super start, they could have seen her being a mother of 5 kids, they could have seen her as a farmer, they could have been able to keep going to her boutique to buy her clothing line or get their hair and nails done....

We all lost out on what else this amazing artist could have brought to the world.

Fortunately, Selena left too much on this earth during 24 years and, for that, we are very thankful.

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Selena's favorite things and hobbies

Favorite color: purple and black

Favorite food: thin-crust pizza with double pepperoni

Other foods she loved to eat: burgers, tacos, tortillas, arroz con pollo (chicken with rice). In general, she liked Italian and Mexican food. 

Favorite fast food places: Pizza Hut, WhatABurger, Jack in the Box 

Favorite restaurants: Hi-Ho Restaurant and Olive Garden, both in Corpus Christi, TX . Also, she loved Mi Tierra Restaurant in San Antonio, TX. 

Favorite drink: Coca Cola

Favorite lipstick color: Chanel Brick Lipstick

Favorite make up brand: MAC

Favorite flowers: long stemmed white roses 

Favorite hobbies: designing clothes and making arrangements to clothes such as putting rhinestones 
on bustiers, caps, and belts.

Cars she owned: charcoal gray BMW M3 (stolen), red Porsche (currently displayed on the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas)

Pets she owned: Selena brought home five dogs. Chris always wanted a pet snake and that is why they got a Python. 

Collections: she collected Fabergé egss and displayed them on a cabinet in her living room.

Hairstyles: She did her hairstyles by herself most of time. Some hairstyles include : hair down, low bun, curly up-do, half up half down with curly hair, big up-do.

Hair: Selena had black hair which was sometimes frizzy. She took pills because she believed they were good for it.

Eyes: Selena had dark brown eyes which were a bit slanted. She was a fan of false lashes and liked to wear eye shadows in earth tones.

Lips: Selena had full lips. She loved to apply red shades of lipsticks, which made her teeth look whiter and enhanced her big and beautiful smile. Other colors she wore included brownish lip colors and lip glosses.

Nails: She liked to have long pointy nails, sometimes false nails. She usually used red and white nail polish colors.

Make up Brand: MAC Selena. Released in October 2016. The make up colors were inspired by Selena's own makeup kit. Her sister Suzette went though all the colors that Selena had in her make up kit so that she could carefully base the MAC make up on the  colors that Selena used.

Clothing line: Selena Etc. (discontinued)

Boutique: Two Selena Etc boutiques. One in Corpus Christi (opened in January 1994) and a bigger one in San Antonio opened in October 1994. Both boutiques were closed in 2009. 

Nicknames: preciosa, buffy, la reina, La Reina Del Tex-Mex/ de la Música Tejana, The Queen of Tex-Mex/Tejano Music, The Mexican Madonna.

Meaning of the Selena name: moon

Second Last Name:  Zamora

Maiden Name: Pérez

TV appearances/ performances: Johnny Canales Show, Furia Musical, Padrísimo, Puro Tejano, Sábado Gigante, Noche de Carnaval, Cristina Show, 

Theater performances: Mariachi singer on the 1995 movie Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp and Marlom Brando. She appeared singing during a restaurant scene.

Telenovela performance: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (1993)

Places she traveled to: New York, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica, many cities in Texas, etc.

Risks she took: eloping with Chris Perez even though her father was against it, recording +20 English songs during her career, deciding to record a pop contemporary album only in English, starting her own business which consisted of two boutiques with beauty supplies, hair and nail services, and her own clothing line designed by her and designer Martin Gomez.

Dreams: having 5 children, having her own boutique, becoming a clothes designer, having her own farm with horses and other  farm animals, becoming an international crossover artist

Personality: She was always laughing and joking around. She was very charismatic and always accepted challenges and dares. Howeve, she was also stubborn. Once she made up her mind, it was very difficult to change it.